I am a software engineer (IT geek) with 20+ years of programming experience.

I like humor, rock music, playing guitar & drums, practicing Wing Chun, writing poetry, hiking & playing chess.

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My greatest personal projects:

Rapidoid - Full-stack Web Framework for Java

Open-­source scalable full­-stack web application framework for Java. Accomplishments: implemented extremely fast asynchronous network protocol framework (one of the fastest in the world), fast HTTP and WebSocket server, rich-GUI Java framework (based on AngularJS and Bootstrap) and more...

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OhmDB - The Irresistible Database for Java

Open-­source persisted in­-memory database for Java that sacrifices scalability to offer ACID transactions, high­-performance “joins" (through graph-­based relations) and ultimate simplicity of use and maintenance. Accomplishments: implemented self­-compacting changelog, “off­heap" data structures with predictable performance (no GC jitter), automatic path optimization of complex “joins" (graph traversal).

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RDXPL - Multi-­paradigm dynamic programming language

Experimental multi-­paradigm dynamic programming language. Accomplishments: implemented function closures, reference-counting garbage collection, pattern matching engine for collections, AOP interceptors.